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Here at Gammon's, we specialize in the rebuilding and recharging of R.V refrigerators. We realize that purchasing a new unit is not always feasible, and we enjoy  providing a cost effective alternative. We rebuild most cooling units that are newer than 20 years old. If you have an older refrigerator, we quite often have parts.

This is an example of a cooling unit after it has been removed from the back of a refrigerator. Some of the foam has been removed to expose the "head" of the unit. As you can see, rust and corrosion have formed under the foam. This corrosion eats away at the steel pipe, and eventually creates a hole. It is the loss of pressure that puts a break in the cooling process, rendering the refrigerator useless. This also often results in a strong ammonia smell emitting from the fridge.

Here is a picture of a cooling unit being prepared after it has had the "head" section removed.  A new head will be manufactured with new steel tubing, which is then hydraulically bent to create a completely new head section.  This unit is then pressure tested to 1000psi to assure quality and safety.  That is about three times the normal operating pressure!

This is a picture of a repaired and recharged unit prior to the foaming process, ready for installation.

Recharged units generally range in price from $375 - $900 Canadian. Please call, or visit the shop for further information.